Debate audience laughs at Sen. Pat Roberts’ statements about pre-war intelligence.

In a campaign debate between Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) and challenger Jim Slattery yesterday, a “contentious topic” concerned the intelligence used to justify the invasion of Iraq. Audience members laughed when Roberts, former chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, tried to justify U.S. public officials’ mistakes on the war by saying that the entire world got the intelligence on Iraq wrong:

Slattery criticized Roberts for getting the intelligence wrong while serving as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He said voters should hold politicians accountable when they make such mistakes.

Roberts countered that the world, not just the U.S., got the intelligence wrong — and once that was realized it was his committee that made the information public. Several audience members laughed at Roberts’ statement. Unfazed, Roberts continued: “Jim, you wouldn’t even know about this information except for the fact I released it.”

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