Defiant Lawmaker Stands Up To NRA-Backed Recall: ‘We Had 20 6-Year-Olds Shot In The Face’

Yesterday, gun activists submitted stacks of petition signatures hoping to trigger a recall election against Democratic Senate President John Morse in retaliation for his vote supporting expanded background checks and a ban on most high-capacity magazines. The effort to recall Morse is backed by the National Rifle Association.

Morse, however, rejects the idea that he should cower because the NRA’s committed its resources toward removing him: “[w]e had 20 6-year-olds shot in the face, and we have the other side arguing we should do nothing, and I’m sorry, that doesn’t cut it,” said in response to the recall effort. He added that there are somethings more important that keeping a powerful position in the state legislature — “Keeping Coloradans safe from gun violence is very worth your political career.”