Delaware Town Takes Down Anti-Hispanic Signs After Public Outrage

The small community of Milford, Delaware took swift action over the weekend after a barrage of criticism over signs posted in several public parks that appeared to be anti-Hispanic.

A Daily Kos blogger documented a number of signs that read “parental or guardian supervision is requried for the use of this playground equipment” in English, but warned Spanish-speakers “ustedes debe tener un permiso para jugar en este campo,” or that visitors must obtain a permit in order to play in this park. It goes on to warn that violators of this rule could be subjected to police action.

The sign was repeated in at least four different locations around the town, and according to Daily Kos blogger Delaware Dem, they were all posted in neighborhoods with sizable Hispanic populations.

Conservative radio host Dan Gaffney was the first to publicize the story, posting a photo of one sign on his Facebook page. From there it began to circulate widely until the local newspaper The Wilmington News Journal posted their own story on Sunday.


By Sunday evening, Milford public schools superintendent Phyllis Kohel says she and her husband personally traveled to each park where an offending sign had been posted and removed the Spanish-language signs themselves.

Milford is located in the southern county of Sussex, a heavily conservative region of a solidly blue state. President Obama won Delaware by a nearly 20 point margin, but lost Sussex County by a 43 percent to 56 percent margin.