DeLay Allies Resort to Attack Dog Politics

A new advertisement by the Free Enterprise Fund compares Travis County DA Ronnie Earle to an attack dog. (Watch the video here.) The ads will be saturating airwaves in Austin, Earle’s hometown, but will also be running nationally on Fox News.

Mallory Factor, chairman of FEF and a Bush campaign Ranger, explains the motivation behind the video:

By pushing grand juries to issue politically motivated indictments of prominent Republicans, Ronnie Earle is trying to make it a crime to be conservative, to support an agenda of lower taxes and less government. That’s un-American.

It’s not a widely held view. Only 24 percent of the public thinks that Earle’s charges against DeLay are politically motivated. Sixty-five percent think the indictments suggest illegal activity by DeLay. (Read the truth about Ronnie Earle here.)


FEF’s defense of Tom DeLay is a “six-figure project” according to Peter Ruff, a vice president at FEF. The group was founded by right-wing activist Stephen Moore, formerly of the Club for Growth, whom the New Republic calls, “A voodoo economist…[who uses] especially devious methods to torture the data.” Moore has called DeLay “a conservative hero” and describes himself as a “Tom DeLay fan.”