DeLay defends Gov. Perry, explains how Texas could secede from the Union.

Yesterday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) raised the specter of his state seceding from the Union “if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people.” Today on MSNBC, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay offered a staunch defense of Perry’s statement, saying the Texas governor was “standing up for [Texas’s] sovereignty.” DeLay elaborately explained how Texas could secede:

Q: You can’t secede from the Union!

DeLAY: Texas was a republic. It joined the Union by treaty. There’s a process in the treaty by which Texas could divide into five states. If we invoke that, and the last time it was voted on was 1985, the United States Senate would kick us out and nullify the treaty because they’re not going to allow 10 new Texas senators into the Senate. That’s how you secede.

“So we would kick them out of the Union? That’s nutty!” asked Matthews. “Yeah…it’s not nutty!” DeLay responded. Watch it: