DeLay’s Defense Full of (18) Holes

On Fox News Sunday, anchor Chris Wallace asked Tom DeLay about the ongoing investigation into the Scottish golf junket he took with Jack Abramoff in 2000. In response, DeLay defended his inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of a decent tee time.

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Without the Majority Leader workload to deal with, DeLay will again be able to pursue his passion for golf, the “only thing” he does for himself.

Transcript below:

WALLACE: All right. Let’s talk about Jack Abramoff, a big-time lobbyist you once described as one of your closest and dearest friends. And Mr. Abramoff, in an unrelated case, now faces conspiracy and fraud charges by the federal government.

The Ethics Committee is investigating now a $70,000 trip you took to Britain in May of 2000. You stayed in fancy hotels, you went to “The Lion King,” you went on a side golf trip to Scotland to play at St. Andrews.

Did you really think that Abramoff, who you say was one of your close friends and a big-time lobbyist, who was along on this trip “” did you really believe he had nothing to do with paying for this trip?

DELAY: Yes, because, again, we checked everything and double- checked and had lawyers check, and “” can we do it?

Look, part of my job also, and what I love doing, is being involved in international affairs. I was raised in Venezuela. I was heavily involved in the Contra movement in Central America. I was heavily involved in defending freedom in Taiwan. I stand up for Israel and I fight for Israel.

I’m involved in the conservative movement overseas, too. I went there to meet with Margaret Thatcher and other high-ranking officials talking and working with them on how the conservative party can get back into power.

Sure, I enjoy myself. Am I supposed to be limited? I can’t go to the play that is right down the street? I can’t play golf? Golf is the only thing I do for myself. I love golf. I can’t play golf while I’m there? I can’t take an afternoon off and play golf?

WALLACE: You can do all those things. The question is, can you do it if it’s paid for by lobbyists?