DeLay’s New Excuse: “I Misspoke”

Since DeLay was first indicted, he has bashed District Attorney Ronnie Earle and dismissed the charges:

This is a frivolous indictment. I am indicted just for the reason to make me step aside as majority leader.

But on Rush Limbaugh’s show (10/4/05), DeLay offered another explanation, based on his meeting with Earle a month before the first indictment (Sept. 28):

I can’t really talk about specifics of that interview because it’s under grand jury secrecy and, unlike Ronnie Earle, I’m going to adhere to that agreement, but suffice it to say, I misspoke one sentence — one sentence — and they have based all of this on one sentence, and that basically, they think that before the check was cut and sent to the Republican National Committee, I approved that check, which is totally false. I didn’t know that this went on ’til well after it had happened.


DeLay’s excuse doesn’t hold up. Earle said the new indictment came about based on new information that “came to the attention of the District Attorney’s Office” last weekend (not a month ago). DeLay has consistently said the whole scheme was legal, but has not disputed the facts. Looks like he finally recognizes the merits of indictment and admits that he may have brought them on upon himself. Next step: recognizing that money laundering is a crime.