Demand An Attorney General Who Can Say No To President Bush

Democrats and Republicans alike agree that they want an independent Attorney General, who will serve the rule of law rather than just the Bush administration.

When outgoing Alberto Gonzales testified before Congress in his January 2005 Senate confirmation hearing, he claimed that if confirmed, he would be Attorney General for not “only the White House,” but also “the United States of America and its people”:

With the consent of the Senate, I will no longer represent only the White House; I will represent the United States of America and its people. I understand the differences between the two roles.

Gonzales completely failed to follow through on his pledge. When the Bush administration nominates the next Attorney General, the Senate must make sure that he or she not only says they are independent, but actually acts that way. Here’s the test for the next nominee: Alberto Gonzales answered yes to the following questions, would you have said “no”?


– Would you have said “no” to Bush’s warrantless wiretapping?

– Would you have said “no” to legalizing torture?

– Would you have said “no” to the partisan firings of U.S. attorneys?

– Would you have said “no” to the politicization of the Justice Department?

– Would you have said “no” to Bush’s abuse of Presidential signing statements?

Write to your Senators and demand they ask the next Attorney General nominee if they would have said “No” to these policies. Take action HERE.