DeMint warns of ‘riots’ if Detroit bailout is passed.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) has been one of the Senate’s fiercest opponents of the auto bailout, claiming rescue packages would lead the country to socialism. Yesterday, DeMint claimed there would be “riots” if Congress approves a bailout for the Big Three automakers:

We’re going to have riots. There are already people rioting because they’re losing their jobs when somebody else is being bailed out. The fairness of it becomes more and more evident as we go along. Because the auto companies may be hurting there are very few companies that aren’t hurting and are gonna hurt. We don’t have enough money to bail everyone out.

Watch it:


It’s quite unlikely that an auto rescue package will cause riots. But if they did occur, a likely proximate cause of public outrage at that point would be the loss of three million jobs that will have resulted because the bailout was not passed. (HT: Steve Benen)