Democrats Want Party To Lead On Same-Sex Marriage; GOP Tries To Ignore Issue

The latest National Journal’s Political Insiders Poll finds significant support for same-sex marriage among Democrats and a growing reluctance to use the issue as a wedge on the part of Republicans:

Many Democrats believe that gay marriage is not only “the right thing to do,” but that it is also no longer a wedge issue that cripples the party. “The country is moving quickly toward acceptance of gay marriage,” observed one Democratic Insider. “There is no need to hang back and expect civil unions to provide cover.”

Democrats also felt that support for gay marriage would solidify the party’s grip on younger voters. “It’s this generation’s civil rights movement,” exclaimed one Democratic Insider. “It’s a huge demographic opportunity for Democrats because almost every voter under 30 supports it,” said another.”



As one GOP insider put it, “Huge issue with young voters we need…Only idiots fight demography.”