DHS official: America’s ‘No. 1 killer’ is bureaucrats — not al Qaeda.

Yesterday, Assistant Homeland Security Secretary Robert Stephan claimed government bureaucrats are “more clever than al Qaeda in many respects” and are the “No. 1 killer in the United States” because they “focus more on themselves than they do the collective good.” CQ reports:

“Most of the time, every day, I spend most of the bullets in my single 30-round magazine that I bring to work every day shooting into the backs of our own bureaucracy trying to clear a field of fire,” said Robert Stephan, DHS assistant secretary for infrastructure protection.

So, I have one bullet left to either pump at al Qaeda or save it for me because the bureaucracy is about to overwhelm me.” […]

But besting the bureaucrats won’t be easy, he said. “In fact, they’re more clever than al Qaeda in many respects,” Stephan said. “And that’s a pretty far-out statement, but it’s true.”


Stephan “tempered his comments a bit” in a follow-up question and answer session, CQ adds.

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