DHS wasted nearly $16,000 publishing book of Chertoff’s speeches.

On January 28, ThinkProgress reported that the Department of Homeland Security published and distributed an entire book (315 pages) honoring former Secretary Michael Chertoff’s “Select Speeches” despite the fact that most — if not all — are likely available online. Moreover, this particular homage was not given to his predecessor, Tom Ridge. Days later, a DHS spokesperson told ThinkProgress that the “project cost approximately $11,200 and came from DHS Chief of Staff funds.” However, ThinkProgress has now obtained a FOIA request filed by TP reader Michael Ter Avest which reveals that the actual cost of the entire production, including CDs, books, layout and design, totaled $15,965.26:

This is the final response to your January 28, 2009, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), for records reflecting the cost of editing, publishing, and distributing the DHS publication Select Speeches, a volume of public statements of then Secretary Chertoff from 2005–2008. Your request was received in this office on March 16, 2009. […]

[T]he following information is provided, which is responsive to your request:

CD — $1,549.37Books — $9,097.15Layout and design — $5,318.74Total — $15,965.26