Dick Armey Advances Bizarre Voter Fraud Theory: 3 Percent Of Democratic Voters Are Dead People

At a meeting with “well-heeled” Republicans at the GOP Lincoln Club in Irvine, CA yesterday, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) promoted his book, “Give Us Liberty — A Tea Party Manifesto,” and outlined many of his familiar political arguments. But he also shared an odd conspiracy theory:

Armey bashed Barack Obama and Democrats even harder — the former economics professor said the president was “economically ignorant” and accusing Democrats of widespread voter fraud, saying it bad votes accounted for 3 percent of elections.

“I’m tired of people being Republican all their lives and then changing parties when they die,” quipped Armey, 70.

The idea that dead people are voting Democratic is even more of a reach than popular and well-debunked ACORN conspiracy theories. While it’s true that many states have dead people on their voter rolls, it’s simply an administrative problem that is easily resolved by checking voter rolls against the Social Security Administration’s national death list. While some far-right outlets like CNS News scare-monger over supposed “zombie voters” being used in fraud schemes, there has been no evidence of any widespread practice of voters pretending to be dead people.


Armey seems to believe that not only does this happen, but that it accounts for 3 percent of votes cast during elections. In the 2008 general election, 132,645,504 people cast a vote, which means that if Armey’s theory is correct, almost 3.8 million of them were dead.

It’s hard to imagine how Armey came up with this conspiracy. Perhaps he took the title of Jason Mattera’s recent anti-Obama screed literally.