Dick Armey’s Hypocrisy on CIA Leak Case

Appearing on Fox this morning, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey said the following in regards to his assessment of the growing leak scandal:

We’ve got Karl Rove, who is under this constant attack of political malarkey, who has probably the most documented case of his evidence of anyone in the the whole story. So quite frankly, I think the American people are seeing it for what it is right now. More than anything else it’s a political farce not a matter of national security interests. [Fox News, 7/14/05]


Here’s what Dick Armey said about the case back in October 2003 when we had no idea who may have been involved:


Now, there was no reason to tell the world about the ambassador’s wife. It was just a short-sighted, self-centered, simple-minded cowardly act of revenge, and who’s paying the cost? The Bush White House If they ever find [the leakers], they ought to just — they ought to just kick them out of the White House and prosecute them, because the greater the pretension, the greater the hypocrisy. [CNN, 10/19/03]

Indeed, Mr. Armey, hypocrisy is an easily understood story.