Dick Cheney comments on ‘cousin Obama.’

In an interview with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, Dick Cheney commented on his wife Lynne’s revelation that Dick and Barack Obama are related. Lynne reported that Dick and Barack are connected through an eighth generation French descendant. Dick referred to Obama today as “cousin Barack,” and said he’s not sure whether the relationship “would help or hurt” Obama. Watch it:

Also in the interview, Cheney referred to the House’s recent passage of SCHIP as “veto-bait.”



QUESTION: Speaking of another Democratic frontrunner, you and Senator Obama are apparently related. This information comes from your wife, Lynne, who appeared on our program not too long ago. Mareen and Susan Duvall, immigrants from France — have you spoke to Mr. Obama about this shared experience?

CHENEY: Cousin Barack? (Laughter.) No, we haven’t — haven’t had the opportunity to talk about it.

QUESTION: You haven’t once called him up, and say, well, heck, the family tree…

CHENEY: No. Well, I didn’t know whether that would help him or hurt him, so I thought I’d probably stay away from him, so. (Laughter.) But apparently we do have a common ancestor, about eight or nine generations back.

QUESTION: Mr. Vice President, thanks once again for coming on the program.