Did Rick Warren compare Democrats to prostitutes?

Pastor Rick Warren, who drew criticism from both the left and the right when he was chosen to give the invocation at President Obama’s Inauguration, explained on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show last night how he deals with being “a pretty big target” in public life. “My number one goal in life is to have a Christ-like ministry,” said Warren, pointing out that Jesus “hung out” with questionable people such as prostitutes and tax collectors. Warren then said that Jesus “would have hung out with Democrats” today. Before Warren could finish his thought, Hewitt interjected with, “and Republicans,” prompting Warren to include more than just Democrats in his comparison:

HH: But does it surprise you?

RW: No, because as much as I want…my number one goal in life is to have a Christ-like ministry, to treat people the way Jesus did. And Jesus hung out with prostitutes, tax collectors and all different kinds of people. Today, he would have hung out with Democrats…

HH: And Republicans.


RW: …and Republicans, and he would have hung out with gays and with…

HH: Illegal immigrants.

RW: …Muslims and Jews and Christians. And today, so much of the pickiness is look who he ate with, look who he associated with. And if you’re going to have a Christ-like ministry, you’re going to be criticized like Christ.

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