Disgraced Hospital Administrator Rick Scott Takes Another Shot At Health Care Reform

Rick Scott, the disgraced and fraudulent former hospital administrator, is back on the air with a new ad attempting to block effective health care reform.

Watch it:

These ads attempt to conflate the current health care reform proposals before Congress with the government-run health care systems in other parts of the world. This is wrong.


Current reform proposals would let families keep their current doctor and insurance plan, let them choose a public insurance plan if they prefer, give doctors and patients better information to make healthy choices, bring down the costs that are burdening businesses and family budgets, and increase access to insurance for the 52 million Americans without coverage.

Since the beginning of the recession, over 730,000 workers have lost the insurance they once had through their jobs. In many, when they lose coverage, their spouses and children lose coverage also. People who have a history of medical conditions are turned away from private health insurance plans, or face higher co-pays and deductibles.

Rick Scott’s only answer to this spiraling crisis is to block reform and distort the solutions offered by others.