Dixiecrats for Obama

Former Senators Sam Nunn and David Boren, two leading members of what I guess will be the penultimate generation (counting Sens. Pryor, Lincoln, and Landrieux as the last of their specieis) of white southern moderate Democratic legislators announced their support of Barack Obama today. The Obama campaign is playing this as a national security thing, with everything in the press release being security-related. That’s probably for the best — Nunn and Boren are both Very Serious People who actually deserve to be taken pretty seriously — whereas on domestic issues Boren was horrible and I don’t really know anything about Nunn.

UPDATE: Okay, not “Dixiecrats” like Strom Thurmond 1948 segregationists. That’s not what I meant, and it’s unfair. But we need a word that’s more specific than “southern Democrats” that distinguishes old-school white moderate Democrats from either southern black Democrats or politicians like Tim Kaine and Mark Warner who have a more “post-Southern” vibe.