Do you want Tucker Carlson’s car?

It is yours for the taking, since he has offered perhaps the dumbest bet in TV pundit history (if not the entire history of the universe), on his hopefully soon-to-be-axed MSNBC show:

Here is my guess, and I know that I’m right. I will bet my car, in fact. Bush will come out, this president when he leaves office, will come out in the next decade or so as a strong advocate on behalf of ending global warming. He will be, he will have an environmentally conscious post presidency.

Yes, and monkeys will fly out of my…. But, seriously. Tucker, don’t give up your dancing career yet — it shows more promise than your current one.

Bush has so far had an environmentally unconscious presidency. The only planet on which Bush could become an environmentalist is Htrae (aka the Bizzaro World).


Tucker isn’t the only one who is in an alternate universe. In the same discussion, columnist Bob Franken says — I kid you not:

George W. Bush has come at it as president from the point of view of corporate America, saying that we have to maintain our economy, and we have to figure out some sort of way consistent with that to attack global warming as long as we don’t undermine the economy. Al Gore comes at it as, “I’ve got a slide show here which says that this is priority. We have to do this.”

Yes — Bush is the sensible climate hero, while Gore is the stubborn climate loser. Thank goodness nobody told the Nobel committee this.

Then comes this idiotic response to comments by the only person on the show living in the real world, Politico senior political columnist Roger Simon:

CARLSON: Yeah. Bush will change. I’ve been saying this for seven years. Nobody believes me.

SIMON: But Al Gore will suggest that’s eight years too late.

CARLSON: Yeah, OK, OK. Well, I think — I mean, I think Gore would have been a disaster as president. We’d have been living in the Dark Ages. I think he’s fundamentally hostile to human civilization. And a phony.

SIMON: Would we be fighting a war in Iraq?

CARLSON: We would likely be not, not be fighting a war in Iraq. We’d also be living yurts in the dark, and that would be maybe almost as bad.

[For the record, a yurt is a “portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.”]


Hmm. Living in darkened yurts vs. war in Iraq (plus catastrophic global warming). That’s a tough one. How about no war in Iraq, no catastrophic global warming, and a job-creating low-carbon economy? Be great if someone would run on that platform….

Tip o’ th’ hat to Dave Roberts at Grist.