Dobbs wonders whether President Obama is undocumented.

Today, Political Wire posted a clip of an episode of Lou Dobbs’ radio show in which he not only questions President Obama’s citizenship and promotes the bizarre right-wing “birther” theory, but also insinuates that Obama might be undocumented:

DOBBS: I’m starting to think we have a document issue. You suppose he’s un — no, I won’t even use the word undocumented, it wouldn’t be right.

In an exchange with a caller, Dobbs agrees that Obama’s entire presidency and all his actions could be deemed “illegal.” Listen here:


President Obama has, in fact, presented a digitally scanned image of his birth certificate that includes a raised seal and the signature stamp of Hawaii state registrar, Alvin T. Onaka. While guest-hosting Lou Dobb’s own television show, CNN’s Kitty Pilgrim said there is “no basis” for the birther theory. Dobbs has called the document “peculiar” and continues demanding that Obama present a “long form” birth certificate to prove his citizenship. At least Dobbs isn’t calling anyone an “illegal alien” anymore.