Does Bush Agree With Gale Norton on Women’s Rights?

The media seems to have seized on President Bush’s pledge yesterday in his radio address to pick a Supreme Court nominee “who represents the mainstream of American law and American values.” Recall, “mainstream” is the word Bush has used to describe all his judicial nominees, including Miguel Estrada, John Roberts, and Priscilla Owen.

The question isn’t whether Bush will pick someone who’s “mainstream”; the issue rather is what does “mainstream” mean?

In an interview with the New York Times, Secretary of Interior Gale Norton offered her perspective on where the mainstream is with regards to the issue of choice:

Norton: I think that government ought to be limited.


Question: Does that extend to the abortion debate? Would you like to see a woman’s right to have an abortion remain legal?

Norton: Yes. Generally I think that these are issues where a woman ought to make a serious decision with her family, and her minister, and her own doctor. I think it is a difficult personal question and not an easy issue for government to address.

Norton echoes the views of First Lady Laura Bush. Does President Bush agree?