Donald Trump Jr. makes laughable effort to produce ‘evidence’ that Google is censoring Republicans

Logic doesn't work like this.


Donald Trump Jr. — who is supposed to be independently running the family business, and staying out of his dad’s politics — said during a Good Morning America interview on Tuesday that he plans to campaign hard for Republican candidates over the next two months.

In particular, Trump Jr. said that he plans to campaign on baseless claims that social media giants are censoring conservative voices.

“You have Google that controls 91 percent and change [of] searches in the world — we don’t know who control the algorithm,” Trump Jr. said. “We don’t know who is doing what, but they’re using it to influence the decision-making progress.”

There is no evidence, however, that Google, Facebook, or Twitter is censoring conservatives. Facebook, for instance, has choked off distribution of content for all media outlets and personalities, liberals and conservatives alike, and currently allows a right-wing outlet — The Weekly Standard — to conduct purportedly independent fact-checks of outlets like ThinkProgress.


After interviewer Tara Palmeri pointed out to Trump Jr. that “Google has said they do not use an algorithm that favors one party or another,” the president’s eldest son resorted to arguing that social media giants must be censoring conservatives, since conservatives are the only ones making a fuss about it.

“There’s only one side complaining about it happening,” Trump Jr. said.

But complaints aren’t evidence — and when prominent conservatives have been pushed to cite real evidence that censorship has happened, it hasn’t gone well.

Despite a complete and utter lack of evidence, Republican members of Congress have repeatedly held hearings about alleged censorship of conservatives, including as recently as last week.


During another part of the Good Morning America interview, Trump Jr. was challenged to defend his father’s demand for the Department of Justice to investigate the origins of a New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous administration officials that portrays him as unhinged and unfit to serve.

“What’s the crime?” Palmeri asked him.

Trump Jr. replied by referring to something that is not even remotely a crime.

“Subverting the will of the people,” he said.