Don Jr. promotes Trump’s golf club day after Trump visits for second time in single weekend

Profiting off the presidency.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
CREDIT: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

President Donald Trump visited the Trump National Golf Club in suburban Virginia twice in the past weekend — on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, Donald Trump, Jr. promoted an upcoming event at the club on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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On Saturday, President Trump’s aides said he traveled to Trump National for “meetings,” but he was later photographed wearing golf cleats. Club members told Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg that Trump indeed played a full 18 holes “with the club pro and a club members.”

On Sunday, Trump again traveled there for “meetings.” He was photographed watching golf with unidentified men before heading back to the White House.

Donald Trump Jr. is managing day-to-day operations of the Trump Organization with his brother, Eric. But because their father refused to divest from the business when he became president, he still stands to gain financially from the publicity his visits and office provide.


And while Trump vowed shortly before his inauguration that his sons were “not going to discuss” business with him, Eric recently admitted to Forbes that he plans to give him quarterly briefings “on the bottom line, profitability reports and stuff like that.”

Trump’s two trips to the Trump National Golf Course weren’t his only visits to Trump-branded properties over the weekend. On Saturday night, he had dinner at the Trump International Hotel in downtown D.C.

Nonetheless, Fox News praised him for resisting the temptation to make his fifth trip to Mar-a-Lago as president.

Nathaniel Meyersohn of CNN’s investigations team reports that the Secret Service has already spent $16,000 on golf cart rentals for Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago. the Washington Post estimates that Trump’s trips to the club cost taxpayers over $3 million a pop.


Trump has now visited a Trump-branded property each of the last eight weekends. The only weekend he hasn’t visited one as president was his first, when he signed a Muslim ban that unleashed chaos at airports around the country.