Donald Trump Just Won The New Hampshire Primary. Here’s What His Presidency Would Look Like.

Donald Trump campaigns in Manchester, New Hampshire. CREDIT: AP PHOTO/DENNIS VAN
Donald Trump campaigns in Manchester, New Hampshire. CREDIT: AP PHOTO/DENNIS VAN

Real estate mogul Donald Trump, who has never won an election or held public office, won the New Hampshire Republican primary on Tuesday. He beat Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who came in second place, by roughly 16 points, according to CNN’s early projections.

After coming in second in Iowa, Trump hit winner Ted Cruz for unfair campaign practices and proceeded to attack him and his campaign over the last seven days. But that did not seem to bother the more moderate Republican voters of New Hampshire, who chose Trump with a wide margin over more establishment candidates like Kasich, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Trump has grabbed headlines for his racist and bombastic rhetoric, and his policies as president wouldn’t be any less controversial. Here are some of the key policies New Hampshire Republicans have endorsed with their ballots tonight:



Since he called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “murderers” when launching his campaign, Trump has become even more anti-immigrant. He wants to build a wall on the southern border, and have Mexico pay for it. And he has called for a ban on all Muslims entering the country, going a step further than the candidates’ who want to reject refugees.

Women’s Health

Trump has said he supports taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, though he later denied those comments and backed the defunding effort. Still, he has defended the women’s health organization, noting that the majority of the services it provides surround sexually transmitted disease testing, not abortion. And while he once told reporters that he was “very pro-choice”, he has recently said that he opposes abortion and has been pro-life for a long time.

LGBT Rights

Trump’s record on LGBT rights is mixed. He once supported the right of same-sex couples to have civil union, but later reversed that position. He also recently vowed to choose judicial appointees who could overturn the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. Yet he has consistently supported expanding laws to protect gay and trans workers from discrimination, and has said the 1964 Civil Rights Act should be amended to include sexual orientation.

Climate Change

Trump does not seem to fully understand the issue. He has said that he is not a believer and “unless somebody can prove something to me, I believe there’s weather.” He also frequently tries to use cold weather to prove that climate change is not real and argues that it’s a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.


On the campaign trail, Trump frequently references the nation’s high rates of poverty and unemployment. Yet when pressed on how he would address the problem, he has offered few details. Yet unlike many of his rivals, he has pledged to protect Social Security and Medicare, programs that support many low-income Americans.


Trump’s tax plan would benefit the nation’s wealthiest citizens, including Trump. Though the plan cuts the income tax to zero for those who make below $25,000 a year, it also would lower his own income tax from the current 39.6 percent rate to 25 percent. Taxes on his U.S. corporate profits would plummet to just 15 percent, while the vast amount Trump earns from his investments would be taxed at just 20 percent. The plan also includes the elimination of the estate tax, which would allow Trump to pass on hundreds of millions to his children tax-free.

Health Care

It’s not entirely clear where Trump stands on health care. He claims Obamacare has been a “bigger disaster than anyone thought” and that he will replace it with a “beautiful” private system. But he also said this week that the federal Medicare program should be able to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies, which would give the government more control over the health care market.

Gun Control

Though he once supported an assault weapons ban and a longer waiting period to purchase a firearm, Trump is now staunchly pro-gun. His Second Amendment platform, released last year, is essentially modeled off the NRA’s agenda. “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period,” it says. He has also said he would “un-sign” Obama’s executive action on guns.


Trump has vowed, if elected, to target and assassinate not only members of ISIS, but their civilian family members as well — which would constitute a war crime. He has also called for a database of all Muslims in the U.S.


In the balance between privacy and national security, Trump has said: “I tend to err on the side of security.” Trump wants to restore the full surveillance powers of the federal government under the Patriot Act, rolling back reforms that limited the amount of phone metadata the NSA can collect from Americans.