Mueller: Flynn could avoid jail time due to his ‘substantial assistance’ on several investigations

More ominous signs for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and Michael Flynn at a rally in Grand Junction, Colorado on October 18, 2016. (George Frey/Getty Images)
Donald Trump and Michael Flynn at a rally in Grand Junction, Colorado on October 18, 2016. (George Frey/Getty Images)

Special counsel Robert Mueller, who is tasked with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, is notoriously tight-lipped about his findings. Over the past 18 months, scheduled court filings are the rare instances when Mueller’s probe can be relied upon to make news.

On Tuesday, Mueller was due to update the court on the status of Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser who has been cooperating with the Russia investigation since pleading guilty to lying to the FBI last year.

Mueller’s latest update finally arrived on Tuesday night and there is plenty in it that will ramp up speculation about the special counsel’s work even further, including Flynn’s substantial cooperation with “several ongoing investigations.”

According to Tuesday’s filing, Flynn has participated in 19 interviews. Though Flynn’s charges could result in five years in prison, he has apparently been so helpful that Mueller is recommending as little as no prison time.

The filing also notes Flynn has assisted the special counsel “with several ongoing investigations, including its probe of coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.”

Matthew Miller, a former official in President Barack Obama’s Justice Department, reacted by wondering what else Flynn could have assisted Mueller with aside from the Russia probe.

As if all of that isn’t tantalizing enough for followers of the 18-month investigation, then the redactions — which appear to reference the mysterious other investigations that Flynn has assisted — began.

Trump is clearly feeling increasing pressure over Mueller’s investigation, which has racked up over 100 criminal charges against dozens of people, including guilty pleas from Trump’s former national security adviser, former campaign chair, former attorney, and multiple former campaign advisers.


Prior to Tuesday’s filing, the latest developments in Mueller’s investigation involve last week’s guilty plea by Michael Cohen — Trump’s former attorney — and his revelations that the president and his family pursued a Trump Tower real estate deal in Russia through the summer of the 2016 presidential race.

Donald Trump Jr., the president’s oldest son who likely lied to Congress per Cohen’s latest plea deal, has reportedly been telling friends he is very worried about being indicted.