Don’t Tell Andy McCarthy

I almost hesitate to bring this up, for fear of throwing more kindling on the right-wing fire, but yesterday’s post on my ties to radicalism including the Working Families Party, Todd Gitlin, and PvdA led someone to draw my attention to JS We Can! which is both a clever multilingual pun, and an insidious plot to bring America to its knees.

You see, PvdA has a youth arm. And it’s called Jongen Socialisten, or young socialists. And in Dutch “JS” is pronounced sort of like “yes” in English. Hence, “JS we can!” a website that is, quite literally, an effort by foreign young socialists to elect Barack Obama. It seems they’ve got Dutch exchange students canvassing for Obama in Pennsylvania and everything. Personally, I love Dutch socialists (and it should be noted that PvdA took a “third way” turn like UK Labour in the nineties and isn’t really a socialist party anymore) but I’m not sure how well this kind of thing would play in middle America.