Dozens Of Vermont Communities Vote To End Corporate Personhood

Mitt Romney may have won the Vermont primary on Super Tuesday, but his “corporations are people, my friends” line took a hit, as more than two dozen cities across the state voted overwhelmingly in support of amending the US Constitution to eliminate “corporate personhood” that was introduced with the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court.

Local television station NECN reported on the returns:

Organizers say the effort to urge Congress to amend the U.S. Constitution to help keep money from having too much influence in politics was passed by 53 Vermont communities on Town Meeting Day.

State. Sen. Virginia Lyons says there are a number of communities that considered the “corporate personhood” amendment issue Tuesday that still haven’t reported their results.

Vermont’s communities join a quickly growing list of cities across the country that have taken up the issue of corporate personhood. Smaller cities like Boulder, Colorado and Portland, Maine joined the nation’s two biggest — New York and Los Angeles — in introducing measures designed to push back against the Citizens United ruling.


Duluth City, Minnesota, Madison, Wisconsin, Corvallis, Oregon, Jamestown, Colorado and the entire state of Montana have also taken steps against Citizens United as well. See the full list of cities who have introduced anti-corporate personhood resolutions here.