Draper: Bush Doesn’t Follow An ‘Honest Line Of Questioning’ With Generals About Iraq

In his new biography of President Bush, GQ correspondent Robert Draper writes that Bush was never told bad news about Iraq. “The commanders and the troops never told him what was going wrong,” wrote Draper. “Just as the generals on the ground never once told the President during their regular video conferences, ‘Sir, we need more troops.’

On NBC’s The Chris Matthews Show this morning, Draper further elaborated on his report Bush never heard “what was going wrong” about Iraq. “He didn’t create the conditions where the truth could come out,” Draper explained, because he didn’t use “an honest line of questioning” with the generals:

DRAPER: Well, he didn’t create conditions where the truth could come out. He would have these secure video teleconferences with the generals, and he would ask a series of questions, but it wasn’t really an honest line of questioning. He would say “can we win, are we winning, what happens if we lose, do you have everything you need?” Military commanders aren’t loathe to say, very easily at least, “we really need a lot of help here Mr. President,” and when he creates a conversation like that, it’s not likely to come out.

Watch it: