Drudge Leads Right-Wing Celebration Over ‘Defeat’ Of Voting Rights Bill

Faced with the likely passage of an Iraq withdrawal bill and the ongoing U.S. attorney purge scandal, the right-wing today is clinging to a silver lining: this afternoon, House conservatives used legislative tactics to delay a vote on legislation that would finally give Washington D.C. residents representation in Congress. (Read Matt Stoller for some background on the importance of this bill.)

Matt Drudge is leading the charge with the banner headline:

The usual suspects are weighing in: Wizbang says it’s “satisfying to watch them in complete disarray.” The Corner calls the delay “pretty embarrassing” for progressives. Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox News to announce, “The wheels have come off.

But it turns out they spoke too soon. D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has released a statement saying that she and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) have already found a way to evade the right wing’s legislative block. “We have a quick fix. Republicans have a sure defeat,” she writes.


Read the full statement:

“Republican opponents of the D.C. House voting rights bill triggered the mother of all misfired shots today when they tried to add a provision to repeal D.C. gun laws in order to kill our vote bill. Instead, Republicans were checkmated by a Democratic counter-motion that delayed the vote, sending the Republican side into a tailspin with endless parliamentary inquiries, but unable to rescue their maneuver to kill D.C. voting rights. All that they got was a nuisance delay, but we will get our bill any day now. Democrats expected the motion to recommit, designed to send the bill back to committee for further consideration. Most are harmless in effect because the bill still moves to final passage, but this Republican motion contained certain parliamentary words that would have stopped the bill altogether. This maneuver deserves condemnation, not because it is hard to overcome. It is disgusting because Republicans have only used this kill motion on our bill to give D.C. tax-paying Americans, some on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, a vote in the House.

“Majority Leader Steny Hoyer called me this afternoon to discuss alternative options. We have a quick fix. Republicans have a sure defeat.”

*Norton will make her third appearance on The Colbert Report on the Comedy Central cable network at 11:30 EST tonight, when she is expected to spar with irreverent commentator Stephen Colbert over what happened today with the vote.

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