During House hearing on concussions, Rep. King defends Limbaugh and demands Goodell apologize to him.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testified to the House Judiciary Committee today about “legal issues related to football head injuries.” However, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) decided to use the hearing as an opportunity to defend Rush Limbaugh and quiz Goodell on why the hate radio host couldn’t become an owner of a team, even while “offensive” musicians like Fergie and J-Lo (who have “alleged that the CIA are terrorists and liars” and “used…verbal pornography”) can. “In fact I don’t think that anything Rush Limbaugh said was offensive,” added King. Although he requested that Goodell apologize to Limbaugh, the NFL commissioner never did so, repeating his belief that Limbaugh’s comments about Donovan McNabb were offensive and inappropriate. Watch it: