Duss discusses neocon gathering with Maddow: The highlight was Scooter Libby showing up.

Last night, The Wonk Room’s Matt Duss appeared as a guest on The Rachel Maddow show to discuss the emergence of the Foreign Policy Initiative, the neo-neocon think tank (aka PNAC 2.0). Yesterday, Duss attended FPI’s inaugural conference on Afghanistan, commenting that he was “struck by how very little that was said was controversial.” Last night, Maddow noted that Bill Kristol, one of the FPI’s founders, famously declared in Nov. 2001 that the “end game seems to be in sight” in Afghanistan. Duss revealed that yesterday’s neocon gathering was highlighted by one particular attendee:

MADDOW: Did you have any neocon celebrity sightings today?

DUSS: Oh yeah. It was kind of a reunion of John McCain’s presidential campaign. But I also saw Scooter Libby.

MADDOW: Oh, no way!


DUSS: Yeah, he came out for that to shake hands and see the people.

MADDOW: Yeah, I forget he’s not in prison.

Watch it:

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