Early Media Coverage of Goss’s Resignation Dances Around Cunningham Scandal

Neither President Bush nor Porter Goss gave a reason for the CIA director’s resignation. As CNN correspondent Kathleen Koch acknowledged, “We did not hear Porter Goss really explain why he is leaving now — why he’s making this choice right now.”

Of course, that didn’t stop her and other TV reporters from offering some boilerplate explanations:

“There also were obviously were these concerns about whether or not the CIA had given the Bush Administration good intelligence to make important policy decisions including those to go to war in Iraq.” [CNN]

“There could have been some concern — there very well there could have been a level of dissatisfaction on the part of CIA chief Goss that perhaps his role had been diminished.” [CNN]


“Perhaps this is in keeping with that call that White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten put out, several weeks ago [to leave now or stay through the rest of Bush’s term].” [CNN]

“You think this might have to do with a sense that this was a job that he was ready for, had the skills set for, and for whatever reason he was passed over?” [CNN]

“We’ve been talking about this since the chief of staff has come on here, Josh Bolten, when you have the sort of feeling you know, that new blood is good — new blood is good Natalie — not only within the White House staff but externally. … Maybe he simply felt frustrated.” [MSNBC]

“But in terms of how he has run the agency, in terms of its intelligence gathering efforts, he’s gotten, again, I guess as all CIA directors go these days, mixed reviews from Congress, some who believe that he has refocused the agency’s effort after the tenure of George Tenet, some who believe that he was not moving fast enough.” [MSNBC]

“It’s not totally a surprise. There has been a lot of discontent at the agency and in the larger intelligence community with his leadership. I think people were expecting this to come. This is a little sooner than they expected but he has not made a positive mark on the CIA as we can determine.” [MSNBC]

Amidst all this early speculation, there was little mention of Goss’s connection to the Cunningham scandal and an alleged prostitution ring.