Econ 101: May 3, 2013

Welcome to ThinkProgress Economy’s morning link roundup. This is what we’re reading. Have you seen any interesting news? Let us know in the comments section. You can also follow ThinkProgress Economy on Twitter.

  • Apple avoided a $9.2 billion tax payment by financing a stock buyback with debt rather than repatriated offshore profits. [Bloomberg]
  • Treasury Secretary Jack Lew met with Wall Street executives to talk about further deficit reduction efforts Thursday night. [Reuters]
  • Conservative groups are demanding a balanced budget plan in exchange for a debt ceiling increase. [The Hill]
  • Investigators still aren’t sure how much fertilizer and explosive chemicals were held at the Texas fertilizer plant that exploded two weeks ago. [Reuters]
  • Suicide rates skyrocketed over the last decade, with the rise likely fueled by the housing crisis and Great Recession. [Associated Press]
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is scrutinizing potentially predatory add-ons to auto loans. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Mortgage rates plunged to a record low for the second consecutive week. [CNN Money]