Ed Gillespie: There wasn’t a single woman of comparable ‘temperament and intellect’ to Alito.

On “The Situation Room” this afternoon, former Bush counselor Ed Gillespie said that “it would be wrong” if President Obama looks at only women for potential Supreme Court nominees because he should be looking for “the most qualified candidates.” He explained that though Bush thought about nominating a woman to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, he just couldn’t find one with the requisite “temperament and intellect”:

BLITZER: You remember, your President — President Bush — he did find a woman, Harriet Miers, to be his nominee, and that didn’t exactly work out. Did he get gun shy after that? GILLESPIE: He did not get gun shy after that, but I think that in the next round of the selection process, the person who emerged as clearly most qualified — really head and shoulders above others — was Samuel Alito, and there wasn’t a woman who was of a comparable experience and skill and temperament and intellect.

Watch it:


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