Ed Klein, Author Of New Anti-Obama Book, Suggests Obama Is Secretly A Muslim

Ed Klein, the author of a new, thinly-sourced book attacking President Obama and Michelle Obama with gossip and innuendo, went on far-right talk show host Dana Loesch’s radio show today to suggest to listeners that the president is a secret Muslim.

The comments came during a discussion about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose inflammatory rhetoric and association with the Obamas have once again become a favorite line of attack by the conservative media.

Loesch asked Klein about a passage in his book in which he spoke with Wright about Obama’s time at the Trinity United Church of Christ, which says it welcomes members of all faiths and religions:

LOESCH: One of the stories that comes from your book is that you say that Jeremiah Wright told you that he helped Barack Obama accept Christianity without denouncing Islam. Now the natural question then for me to ask is, is Jeremiah Wright saying that Barack Obama is Islamic?


KLEIN: I asked him that question, that exact question. I said ‘did you convert Barack Obama from Islam to Christianity?’ He said ‘it’s hard to say. It’s hard to say.’ He said, and then I asked him again, I said ‘do you think he was a Muslim?’ He said ‘no I don’t think he was a Muslim.’ I think he said ‘he was steeped in Islam. He grew up understanding Islam. As a child and as a teenager he understood Islam. But he did not understand Christianity.’

Listen to the remarks (with apologies for the Gchat chime towards the end!):

In attributing the remarks to Wright, Klein will likely note that these were not charges being made by himself directly, merely that we was repeating the words of someone else. Except as ThinkProgress has documented, this would not be the first time that Klein has advanced the conspiracy that Obama is a secret Muslim.