Eisler Rebuts White House Spin on Abramoff Email

Washingtonian editor Kim Eisler, the recipient of the Abramoff email first published by ThinkProgress, appeared tonight on CNN’s Situation Room. Despite Scott McClellan’s insistence earlier today that Bush and Abramoff did not have a relationship, Eisler shows how the facts prove otherwise.

BLITZER: What about the president? What kind of relation did the President have with him?

EISLER: Well, the President, as — had already been established that there there were at least six to ten pictures of Abramoff with the President. There’s a picture of Abramoff’s wife with Laura Bush. In one of the meetings, it was not at a Christmas or Hanukkah party as the White House keeps insisting, but in fact was taken in the Old Executive Office building where Jack had taken several of his clients up to shake hands with the President

BLITZER: So did you get the sense, based on your conversations, your e-mail with Jack Abramoff that if the resident saw Jack Abramoff, he’d know who he is?


EISLER: He definitely knows who he is. Jack was a pioneer who raised a hundred thousand dollars for his campaign.

BLITZER: A pioneer is a big-giver of the Republican party –

EISLER: Every time the president would look at the list of the campaign contributors, Jack’s name was the first on the list because it starts with ‘AB.’ The second thing is that he discussed with Jack on numerous occasions the fact that Jack has twin daughters and so does the President have twin daughters and that was a point of commonality between the two of them.

Read Abramoff’s emails to Eisler here.