Employee Free Choice Act

It doesn’t get much attention, but the Employee Free Choice Act, slated to be on the Democrats’ legislative agenda in the new congress is one of the most important realistically achievable pieces of legislation for the short term. Also, “With the Democrats capturing both houses, labor and its allies voice confidence that the bill will pass in the House, but they fear a formidable battle in the Senate, where some foresee a Republican filibuster.”

Remember the Gang of 12 and the “nuclear option?” Liberals should have just seized the opportunity to ditch the filibuster forever. Recall that for all the Dems’ filibuster-preservation efforts, they actually wound up confirming all the rightwing judges anyway. Basically, in exchange for nothing at all, they preserved the GOP’s ability to block vital progressive legislation. Given the way the Senate overrepresents conservative areas of the country, it’s extremely difficult to get 60 votes for liberal causes.