Still in a room without a view:

— The benefits of the Unified Development Code for Memphis and Shelby County.

— Ezra Klein on the retirement age; note that in general a more prosperous society should involve a longer retirement period — that’s the point!

— National Review thinks Obama is like an Iranian dictator because he sometimes doesn’t wear a tie.


— Rick Boucher gives away the game and worries that people might like a public option too much.

— Why the Air Force should support socialized medicine.

— Mike Ross is indifferent about people getting sick and dying because they’re too poor; he just doesn’t think it’s important.

I was going to offer Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy” off their new album, but even though I’m still a fan it really bugs me to think about their painfully earnest lyrics (a huge contrast from their early albums) so there’s also Rage Against The Machine’s “Know Your Enemy”.