It’s a shame it’s a shame it’s a perfect shame:

— Meet the warlords of Afghanistan.

— Some see it as a sign of Sunni-Shiite unity, but I say GZA’s “man Mohammed from Afghanistan” who “grew up in Iran” and became a “bomb specialist/ initiated at 11 to be a terrorist” was a Hazara.

— The Max Factor in climate change legislation.


— Charles Krauthammer’s unfair slam on Brazil.

— I think fewer time zones for Russia makes some sense, but maybe the country should just be split into smaller units?

— Antoine Walker is very broke.

— Joe Lieberman makes many errors of policy analysis to justify his possible filibuster of health reform legislation.

— A business school take on things that are wrong in SuperFreakonomics.

— The reasoning deployed here on behalf of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis makes an 18 mile sulfur injecting tube look sensible.

I feel like nothing new actually happened today, so we get The Bird and the Bee’s “Again and Again”.