Waiting in Des Moines:

— Journolist is liberal because its members are ugly.

— But back in 2008, Ezra Klein was the fifth-hottest dude on the planet.

— Every once in a while you need to re-read “The Pussification of the American Male” by Kim Du Toit.


— Fred Barnes claims he’s “never been part of a discussion with conservative writers about how we could most help the Republican or the conservative team” but he’s taken thousands of dollars in money from various Republican Party organizations.

— Congress cutting FY2011 Race to the Top education money for no particular reason.

— Philly Fed President Charles Plosser doesn’t know much about the history of monetary policy, which is a problem for someone in charge of monetary policy.

— Anti-mosque protestors aren’t prejudiced, they just don’t like Muslims.

Celestial soul portraits.

It’s time for some of the emo people love to claim to hate. The Anniversary, “D in Detroit”.