Energy, Climate and the Election — Webinar

Sign up here for an interactive, Web-based debate Tuesday, March 18 at 2 p.m. EST, sponsored by The EnergyCollective. Some of the questions to be addressed by the panelists will be:

  • What are the major differences between remaining candidates’ positions on energy and climate change?
  • What will probably be part of the Democratic and Republican platforms?
  • Are there areas of agreement between the leading candidates, and if so, what is the likelihood of relevant legislation in 2009?
  • What role, if any, will taxes, incentives or regulation play in the leading candidates’ positions?
  • Under what scenarios could the candidates change their positions as we get closer to a general election?

PANELISTS:Jeff AndersonEnergy and climate change advisor to the Edwards’ campaign.

Joe RommBlogger at, author and advisor to the Center for American ProgressScott SklarExpert on energy and renewables and president of The Stella GroupModerator:Mark LazenManaging EditorThe EnergyCollectiveSocial Media Today

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