Eric Holder: I Had To Tell My Son How To Protect Himself From The Police Because He Is Black

Eric Holder is the most powerful law enforcement official in the nation. He has two Ivy League degrees. He’s served as a judge and as a federal prosecutor. And he is also personally wealthy, with assets of at least $3.8 million according to his 2011 disclosure form. And yet, for all of his accomplishments and authority, even he believes he has been on the receiving end of racial profiling. As he told the NAACP annual convention on Tuesday, “I was stopped by a police officer while simply running to a catch a movie, at night in Georgetown, in Washington, D.C. I was at the time of that last incident a federal prosecutor.”

Indeed, despite a career spent in the most elite reaches of the legal profession, Holder still fears that his son will someday find himself in danger from the police, simply because he is black. As he told the NAACP, “[m]y father [sat] down with me to have a conversation — which is no doubt familiar to many of you — about how as a young black man I should interact with the police.” He continued that Trayvon Martin’s death “caused me to sit down to have a conversation with my own 15 year old son, like my dad did with me.”

“This was a father-son tradition I hoped would not need to be handed down.” Holder added. “But as a father who loves his son and who is more knowing in the ways of the world, I had to do this to protect my boy.” Watch it:


There is literally no one in America, of any race, who has more influence over law enforcement than Attorney General Eric Holder. And yet even he fears that he cannot prevent a police officer from looking at the African American son of one of the most powerful people in the nation and seeing a potential dangerous criminal.