Etan Thomas Calls Out Wizards Medical Staff

As I’ve said before, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Wizards aren’t cursed with injuries they’re cursed by a bad medical staff. And that’s what former Wizards center Etan Thomas seems to think as well:

While on the subject of team trainers and doctors, is it possible to impose a fine or forced firing when a team trainer or doctor consistently misdiagnoses numerous players? Not to call out any names but certain teams (not here with the Oklahoma City Thunder) employ trainers and doctors who regularly make medical mishaps (if that’s a politically correct way of saying it).

That’s gotta be the Wizards, right? Meanwhile, the Wizards signed Earl Boykins away from the Italian league because:

The situation also works out for the Wizards (2–6), who have already seen Javaris Crittenton (left ankle), Mike James (left hand) and Randy Foye (right ankle) go down to injury, leaving Saunders with only Arenas — who missed all but 15 games the previous two seasons with a knee injury — to run his point-guard-centric offense.


And that’s to say nothing of injuries to players (Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, Mike Miller) who play different positions.