European-American Fox News host complains that we’re turning into Europeans, who are a ‘pack of Pagan losers.’

Last night, while debating raising taxes on the wealthy with radio host Mark Levine, Fox Business host Stuart Varney claimed that progressive tax policies will turn us into Europeans, who are “a pack of Pagan losers”:

VARNEY: Europe is paralyzed with debt, subject to massive entitlement programs, and riddle with anxiety. We are going down that road with our taxation policies. And once we enact a VAT, a hidden sales tax, we’ll go even further down that road. It is profoundly un-American. We’re going to resemble Europeans, who are essentially, a pack of Pagan losers. And I don’t want to go in that direction!

Watch it:


Varney’s claim is ironic, given the fact that the Fox Business host is British-born and a graduate of the London School of Economics. It should be noted that Western Europeans enjoy a lower poverty rate, an economy nearly as large as China and the United States combined, much more generous worker benefits and vacation time, and a higher per capita GDP growth rate than the United States.