Even Fox News Isn’t Buying Keep America Safe’s New Attack Ad On Obama’s Afghanistan Plan

The Liz Cheney/Bill Kristol-led outfit Keep America Safe released a web ad this week attacking President Obama’s Afghanistan troop withdrawal plan, criticizing him for ignoring the generals and putting U.S. soliders’ lives at risk by asking them “to do more with less.” Of course, it’s people like Cheney and Kristol who wanted American soldiers to do more with less when they were pushing for the invasion of Iraq.

But while the Washington Post and groups like and Media Matters have pointed out the ad’s various distortions and falsehoods (FactCheck said the ad is “hasty” with quotes and “quotes U.S. military leaders out of context”), even Fox News — where Kristol is a “contributor” and Cheney makes regular appearances — is having a hard time promoting it. “That might be a tough sell by Liz Cheney and her group, because the polls show that most Americans want out of there,” Bill O’Reilly said last night. And while talking with O’Reilly about the ad, Fox Business’s Dagen McDowell challenged its substance:

MCDOWELL: And it’s worth noting in that very testimony used in the ad, they did say the president didn’t follow. Mike Mullen said it. […] But they did say they’ve gotten on board with the plan and they will make due with what they have.

Watch the segment:


This isn’t the first time conservatives have had doubts about a Keep America Safe ad. Former Bush administration officials last year spoke out against an ad the group did, which questioned the loyalties of Justice Department lawyers. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called the same ad “shameful.”