Ex-Bush Advisor: Lowery to Blame for ‘Overshadowing King Celebration’

Ron Christie, former advisor to President Bush, rolled out a new line of attack on Rev. Joseph Lowery today. Instead of claiming Lowery’s remarks last week had “politicized” Coretta Scott King’s funeral, Christie said the real problem was that Lowery had driven the spotlight away from King’s legacy:

CHRIS WALLACE: Were you offended by what Rev. Lowery said about President Bush at the funeral? He is a lion of the civil rights movement. Mrs. King and her husband were protestors their whole lives. Would it be wrong for him not to bring up the issues he was concerned about?

CHRISTIE: He was a lion in the civil rights movement and he is an eloquent man and will go down in history as an important figure. Where I take exception, he was in a celebration of the life of Coretta Scott King, a remarkable woman who had remarkable accomplishments. Unfortunately, Rev. Lowery’s comments have seemingly overshadowed that celebration.

Rev. Lowery’s remarks at King’s funeral were no different in tone than eulogies given at funerals for other civil rights icons, like Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr. The only reason they received special attention is because conservatives decided to attack them as “classless” and “too political.” It’s not Lowery’s fault when the right-wing tries to manufacture another “Wellstone moment.”