Ex-Trump campaign official to plead guilty to child sex trafficking

Former Oklahoma state Senator Ralph Shortey (R), was arrested in March for child sex crimes. CREDIT: Cleveland County Sheriff's Office via AP

In December of 2015, then-candidate Donald Trump announced his Oklahoma campaign team. The first name on his “list of Oklahoma leaders endorsing Mr. Trump and county coordinators” was Ralph Shortey, a fellow anti-LGBTQ, pro-gun “birther” conspiracy theorist and a Republican state senator in his second term.

In March, Shortey was arrested for soliciting sex from a 17-year-old boy and resigned his senate seat.  According to his lawyer, he will plead guilty to one count of child sex trafficking next week.

Not even counting the many Trump 2016 campaign officials currently under indictment or investigation in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, Shortey is but the latest former Trump campaign official to get into trouble.

Others have included:

Shortey and these others would seem to contradict Trump’s longstanding boast that he he knows and surrounds himself only with “the best people.”

Over the past several days, President Trump has been too busy complaining about football and basketball players to weigh in on his former county coordinator’s criminal behavior.