Exclusive, breaking news: Sen. Menendez has no hold on Holdren or Lubchenco — but others do, so action is still needed

A Congressional source tells Climate Progress that as of today, “Senator Menendez has no holds on any scientist nominees.”

So that would suggest efforts to get him to drop those holds has had some impact (see “Help free John Holdren and Jane Lubchenco”).

But it now appears that other, anonymous Senators are still holding up both nominations. Mike Dunford of ScienceBlogs has all the contact info needed if you want to continue applying pressure where it would useful (here and below):

2. Contact the Senate Leadership.The Senate can, if they so choose, bring the matter to the floor despite the holds. Reid has disregarded holds in the past. Ask him to disregard these holds, too. Remind him of the importance of filling these positions, particularly now that the stimulus has passed. Remind him, too, of the importance of the positions in general.


If you contacted him yesterday, do it again today.

Here’s the contact information, including the email form and the Nevada address of one of his Nevada offices:Email (web form)DC Phone Number: 202–224–3542Nevada address and phone:600 East William St, #302Carson City, NV 89701Phone: 775–882-REID (7343)Fax: 775–883–1980

3. We need to put this issue in front of as many Senators as possible.Contact your own Senators. Tell them that this is an important issue, and that these nominees deserve a floor vote as soon as possible. Again, if you contacted them yesterday, contact them again today. If you’re a registered voter, make sure you tell them that. If you donated any money to their campaign, make sure that you tell them that, too.

It would be especially good to contact the Senators who are on the Commerce Committee, since they are the ones who had the opportunity to question the nominees during the hearing. I’ll put a list of the committee members below the jump, so you can check and see if one of your Senators is on the committee….

Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee Members:Dem:Chairman John D. Rockefeller, IV (WV)Daniel K. Inouye (HI)John F. Kerry (MA)Byron L. Dorgan (ND)Barbara Boxer (CA)Bill Nelson (FL)Maria Cantwell (WA)Frank R. Lautenberg (NJ)Mark Pryor (AR)Claire McCaskill (MO)Amy Klobuchar (MN)Tom Udall (NM)Mark Warner (VA)Mark Begich (AK)

Rep:Ranking Member Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX)Olympia J. Snowe (ME)John Ensign (NV)Jim DeMint (SC)John Thune (SD)Roger Wicker (MS)Johnny Isakson (GA)David Vitter (LA)Sam Brownback (KS)Mel Martinez (FL)Mike Johanns (NE)