Exclusive Look at Kansas Gold (as in LEED Rating)

UPDATE: To hear more on this project from Kansas Public Radio, click here.

A few weeks ago, my dad, Marvin Manlove of 360 Architecture (far left), led Governor Kathleen Sebelius (who is one of the many examples of local leadership on energy policy), on a tour of a LEED-accredited county building his firm recently designed. Below is his own account of the building details:

“Governor Sebelius recently toured the Johnson County Kansas Sunset Drive Office Building. In her quest to identify Statewide initiatives for energy conservation and sustainability the Governor found in Olathe, Kansas an outstanding example of stewardship.

“The building is a recipient of USGBC’s LEED Gold certification. The 128,000 square-foot building was designed to deliver a lasting impression yet with minimal environmental impact. It conserves and protects precious water resources. It provides maximum energy efficiency and utilizes smaller HVAC units and distributes air through an underfloor air system. The building was constructed extensively of materials which were salvaged, reclaimed or comprised of significant recycled content.


“To promote the sustainability message, tours and educational graphics show visitors how the facility is founded on sustainable design principles and how many of those principles can be applied by the counties’ citizens in their everyday lives.

“Designed to be flexible, the counties’ new facility is made to change with the growing needs of the county and easily accommodates alterations in office needs with moveable wall systems and office furnishings.

“Of special interest to the Governor was the economic pay back. The building was designed with currently available technologies and products underscoring how good design and life cycle analysis can be applied to the state’s assets with proven near-term economic return and long-term durability.”

Photo L to R: Marvin Manlove, Sr. Principal 360 Architecture; Michael Press, Johnson County Manger; Joe Waters, Director of Facilities; Neal Angrisano, Deputy Director of Facilities; Pat McCown, McCown Gordon Construction with Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas.