EXCLUSIVE: Romney-Ryan Robocall Attacks Obama For ‘Changing Medicare Forever’

Even though Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to transform Medicare from a guaranteed benefit to a voucher-based system, essentially phasing out the existing program, their campaign is running calls claiming that President Obama is “changing the program forever”:

Some think Obamacare is the same as free health care, but nothing is free. Obama is raiding $716 billion from Medicare, changing the program forever — taxing wheel chairs and pace makers, raising taxes on families making less than $120,000. Free health care comes at a very high price. The Romney-Ryan plan will restore Medicare funding, and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation.


SoundCloud WidgetEdit descriptionw.soundcloud.comThe Affordable Care Act actually extends the solvency of Medicare by reallocating $716 billion spent on the program. That money has gone to lowering Seniors’ co-pays, reducing fraud and abuse, and connecting reimbursements to economic productivity.


Should Romney and Ryan repeal these changes, Medicare would become insolvent eight years before it’s currently on track to. Their plan would also force future seniors would pay $60,000 more for their care.